‚v‚v‚n‚n‚e‚d‚q in SALVUS

They come from various countries.

NO Year stay title
1 2005 8/5-9/3 ‚dnri in SALVUS
2 2005 10/7-11/4 ‚d‚‚‚@‚‰‚Ž@‚r‚‚Œ‚–‚•‚“
3 2006 ‚†‚’‚‚@‚‚‚’‚ƒ‚ˆ ‚—‚—‚‚‚†‚…‚’@‚‰‚Ž@‚“‚‚Œ‚–‚•‚“
4 2006 7/6-8/4 Keilty in Salvus
5 2006 9/11-9/25 Hamish Yule in Salvus
6 2007 8/1-8/20 Sebastien WAUQUIER in Salvus

"Dear Salvus team" It has been 3 weeks now since my first "irasshaimase"and I feel that it was really flew by! As it was my first experience in a restaurant . I was quite stressed at first, but,I hope,everything went well ! @Everyday was a new challenge @: @@learning how to approach the customers, upgradeing my plate-washing technique, and more.... I think I'm making ice teas ( one shot!!) or manipulating spaghettis now...hehe! ^-^ Working in a team was also a good challenge but with you guys it became really easy. Why ? Because you're all really fantastic people! I enjoyed everyday (even those when I felt very tired ....sorry)! The work was hard sometimes but it was worth it ! My day-off with you was really good ! you are very friendly people and I assure this was my best wwoofing experience ...