‚v‚v‚n‚n‚e‚d‚q in SALVUS

They come from various countries.

NO Year stay title
1 2005 8/5-9/3 ‚dnri in SALVUS
2 2005 10/7-11/4 ‚d‚‚‚@‚‰‚Ž@‚r‚‚Œ‚–‚•‚“
3 2006 ‚†‚’‚‚@‚‚‚’‚ƒ‚ˆ ‚—‚—‚‚‚†‚…‚’@‚‰‚Ž@‚“‚‚Œ‚–‚•‚“
4 2006 7/6-8/4 Keilty in Salvus
5 2006 9/11-9/25 Hamish Yule in Salvus
6 2007 8/1-8/20 Sebastien WAUQUIER in Salvus



Well the big news is... we built a tepee! It took the Boss and me the best part of two days, from cutting down the bamboo to putting in the irori (fireplace). But was it worth it! You can't beat a charcoal-fire barbeque in a tepee! We had grilled asparagus, sanma (Pacific Saury), local Beef steaks, pigs' feet, yakitori (chicken kebabs with leek), sausages, and my favourite - yaki-onigiri (grilled rice balls seasoned with soy sauce! yum!!!) So what's next on the building plan guys??

I also went to Hagi with Michio, his wife and there young daughter, Misaki. I saw a really beautifully restored Meiji-period house in the old section of town. Riding our bikes around there was great! It really hasn't changed much in the last hundred years or so. And I got to eat fugu (blowfish)!!! I think, with that alone, I'm satisfied with my time here in Japan!!! Good times, I won't forget them!

After a month and a half of WWOOFing, coming to Salvus was a breath of fresh air. This place is incredibly beautiful and the WWOOFER'S room here has to be the best I've been in. Everyone is so laid back and friendly, working in the restaurant has been great. I've met some interesting customers and had lots of fun with Michio, Mama, Mio and Yanase-san.@And the dinners I ate with Mama and the Boss every night were amazing. I'm definitely going to make that sesame dressing for my mum when I get home!