‚v‚v‚n‚n‚e‚d‚q in SALVUS

They come from various countries.

NO Year stay title
1 2005 8/5-9/3 ‚dnri in SALVUS
2 2005 10/7-11/4 ‚d‚‚‚@‚‰‚Ž@‚r‚‚Œ‚–‚•‚“
3 2006 ‚†‚’‚‚@‚‚‚’‚ƒ‚ˆ ‚—‚—‚‚‚†‚…‚’@‚‰‚Ž@‚“‚‚Œ‚–‚•‚“
4 2006 7/6-8/4 Keilty in Salvus
5 2007 9/11-9/25 Hamish Yule in Salvus
6 2006 8/1-8/20 Sebastien WAUQUIER in Salvus

July, 2006: Matthew and Jennifer Keilty

After exploring the historic Kansai region of Japan familiarizing ourselves with the Japanese bathing procedures in Osaka, peering into a few of the over 1600 Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples around Nara and Kyoto and chasing after the elusive Geishas of Gion as they shuffle by from one tea house engagement to the next, we arrived in Yamaguchi (a short train ride west from Hiroshima) to begin work with our Wwoof host.


Salvus Herb Kitchen and Garden sits perched atop a hill overlooking a placid lake with rowers gliding past at dusk and dawn. We knew the moment we arrived at this beautiful retreat and met the Umeda-san family that we would want to extend our stay. They invited us to become part of the family the moment we arrived. We have already extended our stay from one week to two weeks to a month.


We are dividing our time learning the culinary art of cooking Japanese cuisine, making home-madeceverything including bread, cakes, soba noodles and smoked tongue pizza, just to name a few. We have also been developing our carpentry skills while helping to build a log cabin further up the hill from the restaurant. When not working we have been exchanging English and Japanese lessons over a few bottles of sake and beer with sometimes questionable but always comical results.

The food is amazing, the view is fantastic and the Umeda-san family is an incredible group of people. If you do not have the opportunity to Wwoof here, you should at least come by to say gkon-ni-chi-wah to the Umedafs, have a bite to eat and relax and enjoy this little slice of serenity tucked away in the woods of Yamaguchi. We certainly have.