‚v‚v‚n‚n‚e‚d‚q in SALVUS

They come from various countries.

NO Year stay title
1 2005 8/5-9/3 ‚dnri in SALVUS
2 2005 10/7-11/4 ‚d‚‚‚@‚‰‚Ž@‚r‚‚Œ‚–‚•‚“
3 2006 ‚†‚’‚‚@‚‚‚’‚ƒ‚ˆ ‚—‚—‚‚‚†‚…‚’@‚‰‚Ž@‚“‚‚Œ‚–‚•‚“
4 2006 7/6-8/4 Keilty in Salvus
5 2006 9/11-9/25 Hamish Yule in Salvus
6 2007 8/1-8/20 Sebastien WAUQUIER in Salvus

‚c‚‚–‚…@3/18`25@3/30`4/5@Idaho@20 @

Fred & Scott @@@
@@@@@@@@Fred 5/12-5/19@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Scott 5/12-6/9

Allmost finished my week of WWOOFG-ing at Salvus.
On the day that I arived (friday) we fell immediately into the action, a group of 12 people had a reservation so there
was a lot of serving and washing up to do. Fortunately the next day was a lot more easy going,
I had to help with finising the building for the wood fire pizza oven.
On sunday it was a constant stream of people comming and going to the restaurant (just like all good places in Japan).
After a day of hard work we finished off with celebrating the 3rd birthday of the owner`s  granddaughter.
The rest of the week it was not so crowded so the job got much more releaxed.
Today I was responsible for making the lunch for the personel in the restaurant. fortunatly everybody liked the
crepes I made (or at least they told me that they liked it.)